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Ten tips to remember the basic pattern

Pattern practice at home

Pattern practice at home

Archie (5 1/2 yrs at the time) already had a good idea about the basic pattern as he’d been going to classes at Taekwondo Ipswich for six months; but he needed a hand to remember it. These are our ten tips for helping him practice.

  1. We watched Mr Donaldson’s instructional video on the basic pattern (over and over again!) until we could do it ourselves. Archie watched it several times too.
  2. The first thing we looked for was the overall pattern of movement – which is a capital I, (one with a top and bottom).
  3. We already knew that each movement was a block and then a punch (except for the three punches up the middle and back).
  4. The next thing was which foot to lead with. Hot tip – always lead with the front foot. There are only 2 occasions where they need to use the back foot to lead.  This is after they do the three punches/steps forward, and after they do the three punches/steps back. Knowing this is really helpful to check your child is doing the right thing when you are watching them.
  5. The keyup is at the end of the first three punches and when they get back after the second three punches.
  6. We practiced the pattern with Archie for about 5-10 mins mostly at night, about 3-4 times a week – within 2 weeks, he could do it himself. Mornings were a better time to practice as his concentration was much better.
  7. The more Archie got the pattern, the easier and more willing he was to practice. So don’t be put off if the first few practices don’t go so well!
  8. We also videoed Archie once he got the pattern, and he loves watching himself back.
  9. Now we are working on his technique, eg. keeping square/face on and not moving too quickly.
  10. We have also found that Archie still pats his leg, so he is now trying the pattern without relying on this. Counting the pattern helps here, with each movement being a number.

2015 update – since learning the basic pattern, Archie has participated in two pattern competitions and won gold at both. He is now learning Sa Jang (Taeguk 4).

Watch Grandmaster Michael Tan do all of the Taekwondo patterns (poomse).

Nancy & Marty

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