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Encourage your 4-7 year old with Little Dragons

Little Dragon

Tans Taekwondo Ipswich has a program for beginners aged from 4-7. It is designed specifically for students who are not yet ready to grade for their yellow belt with Grandmaster Tan.  Little Dragons is a great way to build their confidence and celebrate all their hard work. Most of our younger yellow belt students started in our Little Dragons program.

Little Dragons Grading

This program gives students more time to learn their patterns, kicks, blocks and punches while offering a great reward for their achievements at the end of each term.  Little Dragons is voluntary and is not designed to hold students back but to provide extra encouragement on their path to yellow belt. Students who become Little Dragons will take part in a grading at the end of each term where they will show what they have learnt while giving their instructor a clear idea of what areas need improvement. At this grading they will receive a certificate of achievement and move onto the next belt… 1st belt will be orange, 2nd belt will be purple and 3rd belt will be green which is the last step before grading to a yellow belt (however they can progress to a yellow belt before they finish all of the Little Dragons gradings if they are ready).

Little Dragons students will still attend the same classes they always have but will at times work more directly with senior students who will mentor them and help with individual things they may be stuck on. All Little Dragons will receive a Little Dragon patch to wear on their uniforms. This program does not cost extra on a weekly basis but grading will incur a fee of $35. Like any grading, wearing a uniform is compulsory.

Uniforms (doboks) can be bought from Kevin Donaldson. Just measure your student’s height and let Mr Donaldson know as soon as possible. There are three doboks available, starting at $45 (basic, no badges), $66 (middle of the range uniform with badges, but you need to sew them on, or $85 (top of the range, with badges sewn on).

You can pay for this grading (and a uniform if you need one) either by cash directly to Mr Donaldson or online into the Tans Taekwondo Ipswich account: BSB: 084 737 Acc: 138716669 You must put your student’s name as reference.

The next Little Dragons grading will be 9:30am, Saturday 21st November 2015 in the PCYC Ipswich Taekwondo training room (pay by 21 November). Please also bring a light plate to share. The grading, presentation, refreshments and packing up take us through until approximately 11:30am.

We hope that you consider this program for your beginner as work towards their yellow belt. Please talk to Kevin as soon as possible if you are interested in this Little Dragons grading (and even earlier if you require a uniform). Contact Kevin Donaldson on 0429 609 180.


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