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June Taekwondo News

Student of the Month (May)


Abigail has shown great commitment through her regular attendance at training. Her focus and attention to detail during her training sessions is to be commended.

Congratulations Abigail and keep up the brilliant work!

Competition students

Well done to all Taekwondo Ipswich competitors who performed so well at the Gold Coast Open last month and at the Sports Taekwondo Queensland Open Taekwondo Championships in March.

Upcoming Gradings

The next grading with Master Michael Tan will be held on Sunday, 29th June. Please let Mr Donaldson know by 7 June if you would like to grade and he will confirm if you are ready.

Grading check list:

  • Yellow and Blue belts must be training at least 2 times per week
  • Red belts must be training at least 3 times per week
  • Tans Taekwondo membership is a requirement prior to Grading ($65)
  • Dobok – a uniform (clean and ironed) is required to be worn on the day of Grading (starting price is $45)
  • Grading Fees to be paid asap $65 (please see Mr Donaldson for Red Belt fees)

Fees are payable by cash to Mr Donaldson or online into the Tans Taekwondo Ipswich account: BSB: 084737 Acc: 138716669 (you must put students name as reference). Please remember, Mr Donaldson can only put students who are ready in front of Master Tan for Grading. Read more about grading here. If you have any further questions, please contact Kevin Donaldson on 0429 609 180.

The next LittLittle Dragonle Dragons Grading will be held on Saturday 28th June.

Please let Mr Donaldson know by 7 June if your student would like to grade.


Little Dragons Grading check list:

  • Grading fees to be paid asap $35
  • Dobok – a uniform (clean and ironed) is required to be worn on the day of Grading (starting price is $45), available from Mr Donaldson.

Little Dragons is a program for beginners aged from 4-7. This program gives students more time to learn their patterns, kicks, blocks and punches while offering a great reward for their achievements at the end of each term. The Little Dragons grading for this term will be held at 11:30am, Saturday, 28th June, in the PCYC Ipswich Taekwondo training room.

Please bring a plate to share (drinks are provided). The grading, presentation, refreshments and packing up take us through until approximately 1:45pm. Parents of young students who have just started TKD this year are also encouraged to consider this great program as their student is welcome to participate. Read more about Little Dragons.

**If there are any yellow belt and above students who can help out at Little Dragons please let Mr Donaldson know.**  

We need you!

We have five young Taekwondo students and their coach who are hoping to attend the Sports Taekwondo Australia National Championships in Adelaide (3-5 October). Three of these students are defending national titles which they achieved in 2013 in Melbourne. Having students compete at this level helps inspire all students and attract new ones, making our Club stronger and more able to serve you. Additional fundraising money can also be used to buy new TKD equipment.

We need your help





Can you help us raise money to help these families pay for flights and accommodation?

We are looking for people who can:

  • Suggest businesses and people who would be open to donating to this cause (we need to check first that the PCYC Ipswich hasn’t approached them in the past before contacting them)
  • Develop a poster which profiles the team selected for Adelaide
  • Have a great fundraising idea, and can help to make it happen (for example, we can run a major raffle, but this requires sourcing prizes, stamping official PCYC raffle tickets, having a single person who can manage the ticket books and money, and selling tickets beyond our TKD families, eg. a stall at Coles, at Riverlink, at events, at a BBQ etc.)
  • Write grants and submissions – there are a few organisations which offer support for athletes at this level. There are also other grants which we could apply for which would benefit the Club in other ways (eg. new programs and equipment).
  • Can donate prizes for smaller raffles. Even $25 from you can be turned into a great prize. Or maybe you can create something such as a medal and belt holder, home cooking or something else.
  • Help us run a Bunnings BBQ… can you cook snags?
  • Form a fundraising team!
  • Donate money directly yourself. Donations to the PCYC Ipswich are tax deductible. Did you know that you can select the student or coach you wish to support, or keep it to Taekwondo in general?

If you can’t help out with any of the above, please buy lots of raffle tickets at the upcoming 29 June grading raffle. Mr Donaldson has donated one of the prizes and the Moore family another. We are currently approaching businesses for a third. Another TKD parent, Liz, has kindly organised for her employer, Ipswich Subway to provide the lunch at this grading and we will ask for a gold coin donation for everyone who enjoys a Sub!

Please have a chat to Kevin Donaldson or email us at if you can support the Adelaide team and Club in some way.

TKD Class timetable

Day Class Age Time Location
Beginner 4-6 years 3:30 – 4:30pm PCYC
Intermediate 7-12 years 4:30 – 5:30pm PCYC
Blue & above 5:30 – 6:30pm PCYC
Beginner 4-6 years 3:30 – 4:30pm PCYC
Intermediate 7-12 years 5:00 – 6:00pm PCYC
Family Class 7+ years 6:00 – 7:00pm PCYC
Beginner 4-6 years 3:30 – 4:30pm PCYC
Intermediate 7-12 years 4:30 – 5:30pm PCYC
Sparring By Invitation 6:15 – 7:45pm Pulse Hall
Beginner 4-6 years 3:30 – 4:30pm PCYC
Intermediate 7-12 years 4:30 – 5:30pm PCYC
Family Class 7+ years 5:30 – 6:30pm PCYC
Saturday Family Class 7+ years 9:30 – 10:30am PCYC
Sparring By Invitation 10:30 – 11:30am PCYC


Cost of TKD Classes

Option 1: Pay casually $11 per class. Pay at the front desk each time you attend a lesson.
Option 2: Buy a Term Pass* – There are many Term passes available. The more passes you buy the bigger the saving!  Purchase the pass at the beginning of term, and you will only need to stop at the office to collect your ticket every time you attend a class. No more looking for money each week.
10 Visit Term Pass: Purchase this pass upfront and the price drops to $8/class. That’s a saving of $30 per tem!
20+ Visit Term Pass: Purchase this pass upfront and the price drops to $6.80/class. Wow! A saving of at least $84.

Did you know that PCYC Ipswich has payment plans available? Enquire at the office for more information.

Note: *Term Passes are valid during the current term and are non-refundable.

Thank you to Ange for putting together this newsletter.


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