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August Taekwondo News

Students of the Month – July


Congratulations to Ryder! Ryder is performing so well in sparring, he is really on his way to becoming a Queensland champion.


Congratulations to Liz! For really stepping up with her sparring. Liz has just gone for it and is doing really well.

Grading Success!

Congratulations to all students who graded in June! From Orange belts to Black belts, a job well done team!

Thanks to our helpers at both the Little Dragons Grading Day (Scott, Jess, Archie and Ryder) and Master Tan’s Grading Day (Andy and Christopher).

Thanks to all the helpers behind the scenes (Kristen, Blaine, Gavin, Kelly, Kylie, Briana, Nancy, Ray, Leanne, Kristy, Kerryn, Liz and Kevin… I hope I haven’t missed anyone) to Ipswich Subway for their kind donation of lunch and everyone who showed their support by making purchases and gold coin donations. Thank you to Ryder’s grandmother, Desley, who donated a prize to our raffle on the day. Through your generosity, we raised $354.80!

A special thanks must go to Mr Donaldson for guiding and encouraging students on both days and to Master Tan, who is also excellent at creating a sense of ease among students and providing feedback through the assessment sheet.


If you haven’t gotten your grading assessment sheet, please talk to Mr Donaldson.

It was great to see some newer students who dropped by to see what happens at a grading. We hope you and your students left inspired!

Lost property from grading day  –  1 black scarf found in the lower side toy area. Email Nancy – if this is yours.

Grading Book Maintenance!

Graded with Master Tan on Sunday 29th June?  Then you need to hand your Grading Book in to Mr Donaldson so he can organise for your grading level to be signed off!  Was it your first Master Tan Grading and you don’t have a Grading Book?  Then check in with Mr Donaldson.

grading book

Q:  What’s better than a newly earned TKD belt?

A:  Going for the next one!!

Little Dragons Grading – Saturday 20th September

Has your child recently started their TKD adventure?  Or maybe they have been working hard but they’re not quite ready for the yellow belt challenge?  Never fear, the Little Dragons are here!

The Little Dragons program is a brilliant opportunity for kids (4-6 years) to get in and have a go and have their hard work and success acknowledged.  Little Dragon belts (Orange, Purple & Green) are awarded at the end of the Grading to celebrate this great milestone.

Sounds great you say?  What do I need to do?

  •  Let Mr Donaldson know your child would like to grade ASAP
  • Pay the $35 grading fee to secure your spot and so Mr Donaldson can organise belts and medals
  • A clean and ironed uniform is a must!  These can be purchased from $45 from Mr Donaldson

This is an opportunity not to be missed! Read more about Little Dragons.

Little Dragon

Grading with Master Tan – Sunday 21st September

Like that nice new belt, but want another one? Or maybe you missed out on attending the last grading day.  To secure this upcoming date, we need numbers!

Please see Mr Donaldson ASAP if you or your student would like to grade on the 21st of September. Read more about grading at Tans Taekwondo Ipswich.

don’t delay…..

Fundraising Updates

We are continuing to fundraise to support our coach and five students who are eligible to compete at the Sports Taekwondo Australia National Competition – which is going to be held in Adelaide in December. Our focus is also to raise money to buy new equipment and other resources for our Club.

A big thanks to Natasha who has volunteered to be our Fundraising Coordinator! Please tell us your thoughts about our fundraising ideas as part of this quick survey.


Chocolate Drive

Natasha is looking to run a chocolate drive for the club.  However she will need some help!

To go ahead with this plan, we must have a parent coordinator for every class.   Coordinators will be in charge of signing out the boxes to parents/senior students and also receiving money and returned chocolates.

If you can volunteer as a co-ordinator, please pop your details on the sign-up sheet in the Dojang with Kevin, or email us at:


BBQ Fundraiser

We are currently seeking PCYC approval to run a BBQ Fundraiser at Bunnings as well as Woolies at Yamanto.

The proposed date for the Woolies Yamanto BBQ is no longer 24th August – we will confirm when we have a new date.  Both Natasha and Shane have volunteered to be responsible for organising the day but we need volunteers to make the day a success.

Once the BBQ booking is confirmed, look out for the sign-up sheet in the Dojang with Kevin to volunteer your assistance. Every little bit helps!

Pattern Competition  – Saturday 20th September, 12:45pm at the Dojang

So you think you have mastered your weapons training so far?  Now’s your chance to prove it!

To enter, you will need to demonstrate a pattern of your choice.  Once with sticks (if you have learnt this) and once without.

Junior division (14 years and under)  and  Senior Division (over 14 years)

Each belt colour will have its own sub division with medals awarded to the winner.

Entry Fee:  $10 with $5 being donated back to the clubs fundraising

Please let Mr Donaldson know if you would like to enter!


Our Support Team is Growing

We have been looking for volunteers to help us make our club the best it can be.

We are pleased to announce that our team is growing and we now have Nancy and Ange – Communication; Sean – Grants; Natasha -Fundraising; Caroline supporting both Sean and Natasha and Liz is also an active volunteer.  More help is always welcome and we would love to hear from anyone who would like to volunteer or be called upon to help out. Please have a chat to Kevin or email us at

Thank You

Thanks to Liz  (Faith & Alex) who ran a 3rd cupcake stall in July (with baking help from Natasha and Nancy). Liz’s 3 cupcake stalls have made close to $400!

Thanks also to Danielle for bringing the Dynamo – ‘Refresh Your Club’ competition to our attention.  Unfortunately we felt we couldn’t have created the video/photos and got the necessary permissions in time to meet their deadline for this one.

If you see good competitions or fundraising opportunities please let Kevin know, especially if you have some capacity to help apply.

thank you

Upcoming Competitions

  1. Yun Hap Taekwondo 2014 Tournament – Sunday 10 August
  2. Brisbane Open TKD Championships – Sunday 7th September

Entries have now closed for the Yun Hap Tournament but you can still attend as a spectator (PCYC Redlands, Capalaba).

The Brisbane Open TKD Championships are coming! Sunday 7th September, Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler. Registrations close 30/8/14 Info pack. Please let Mr Donaldson know if you are keen to compete in sparring, poomsae or jump kick. You can also attend as a spectator ($5 for children under 14yrs, $10 for adults).

IMPORTANT: Students who would like to compete must be attending 2 classes per week.  3 classes a week is ideal.

Can’t make it to your usual class?

Please send Mr Donaldson a txt or email just to let him know. There is no need to let the PCYC Office know about absenses.

Make up classes don’t need to be pre-planned, just turn up!

Kevin’s details: 0429609180 or


No classes – August 20th, 21st and 22nd Only

Kevin will be away on 20, 21 and 22 August for medical reasons. If you normally have TKD classes on these days and want to attend at another time (especially if you have pre-purchased passes), please start coming to additional classes now, or when you can fit them in this term. There is no need to book.

The QLD Government has just launched The Queensland Plan:  Queenslanders’ 30 Year Vision.  They are looking for examples of inspirational Queenslanders who are leading by example and achieving great things across the state in one or more of The Queensland Plan Foundation Areas. Check out the article ….Great work guys!

no classes

Have you got some feedback about Taekwondo at PCYC Ipswich?

We’d love to know. Please fill out a hard copy form in the Dojang or do our online survey.  Thank you!

survey2Term 3 Timetable

Day Class Age Time Location
Monday Beginner 4-9 years 3:30 – 4:30pm PCYC
Intermediate 7-12 years 4:30 – 5:30pm PCYC
Blue & Above 5:30 – 6:30pm PCYC
Wednesday Beginner 4-9 years 3:30 – 4:30pm PCYC
Intermediate 7-12 years 5:00 – 6:00pm PCYC
Family Class 7+ years 6:00 – 7:00pm PCYC
Thursday Beginner 4-9 years 3:30 – 4:30pm PCYC
Intermediate 7-12 years 4:30 – 5:30pm PCYC
Sparring By Invitation 6:15 – 7:15pm Pulse Hall
Friday Beginner 4-9 years 3:30 – 4:30pm PCYC
Intermediate 7-12 years 4:30 – 5:30pm PCYC
Family Class 7+ years 5:30 – 6:30pm PCYC
Saturday Family Class 7+ years 9:30 – 10:30am PCYC
Sparring By Invitation 10:30 – 11:30am PCYC


Costs of TKD Classes:

Option 1: Pay casually $11 per class. Pay at the front desk each time you attend a lesson

Option 2: Buy a Term Pass – There are many Term passes available. The more passes you buy the bigger the saving!  Purchase the pass at the beginning of term, and you will only need to stop at the office to collect your ticket every time you attend a class. No more looking for money each week.
10 Visit Term Pass: Purchase this pass upfront and the price will drop to $8/class. That’s a saving of $30 per term!
20+ Visit Term Pass: Purchase this pass upfront and the price drops to $6.80/class. Wow! A saving of at least $84.


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