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What you said about Taekwondo Ipswich

In August, we asked you four questions about Taekwondo Ipswich. Twenty-five parents/students responded:

1. When asked what is the one thing you (or your student) love most about coming to Taekwondo, many of you couldn’t stop at just one thing!

what i love TKD

A number of parents/carers also said how much they liked to watch their children with comments like:

  • I love to watch my child interact with the other students and see her improve and get more confident
  • Watching my grandson enjoying himself
  • Watching them all grow and challenge themselves

2. When asked what we can do to make classes better, six people said they were good as they are, with comments like “not sure how you can improve, its great” and “just keep up the good work”. Others suggested:

  • more fun and games (4 people)
  • more stretching (2 people)
  • more discipline (2 people)
  • more sparring sessions (2 people)
  • more pattern training (1 person)
  • more explanations about why each move is important and what could happen if the position was wrong (1 person)
  • more in-house competitions (1 person)
  • music (1 person)
  • TKD patterns choreographed to music (1 person)
  • more teen/adults classes (1 person)
  • more involvement of adult and late teen students as mentors for younger students (1 person)

Thanks for this feedback! Mr Donaldson has been playing music lately when classes are downstairs in the boxing area! And there is an in-house competition coming up very soon:


Pattern Competition! Saturday 20 Sept 12:45pm at the PCYC Ipswich Dojang. To enter, you will need to demonstrate a pattern of your choice. Once with sticks (if you have learnt this) and once without. Both Junior division (14 years and under) and Senior Division (over 14 years). Each belt colour will have its own sub division with medals awarded to the winner.
Entry Fee: $10 with $5 being donated back to the clubs fundraising.
Please let Mr Donaldson know if you would like to enter!

Senior students help out in classes when they can. Some good times to catch these more experienced students in an assisting role are on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 4:30pm and occasionally on Fridays from 4:30pm. Lately, these include students like Leanne, Liz, Scott and Andy (and often parents come onto the mat to help too). Other times, more experienced students demonstrate techniques to other class members or participate in Little Dragons gradings. We really appreciate them helping out in this way.

3. What suggestions can you offer to help make Taekwondo at PCYC Ipswich even better?

  • bigger rooms/space and padded downstairs (6 people)
  • more fundraising (5 people) and thank you for your extra ideas, including a Korean food/dress up event and the the Tivoli drive-in fundraising nights
  • an introduction about the classes and what to expect, when students first start (2 people)
  • full length mirrors on the wall for students to help with patterns (1 person)
  • more advertising (1 person)
  • a lesson on a beach somewhere / in a different environment (1 person)
  • more equipment (1 person)

4. Finally, we asked about your level of support for five fundraising ideas. You had the option of ticking ‘strongly support’, ‘support’ or ‘not support’ for each idea.

The chocolate drive had the highest level of total support (both ‘strongly support’ and ‘support’ combined), followed by running a weekend BBQ. A very close third was the McDonalds Family Night (however, more people ticked ‘strongly support’ for this than any other idea). Grading Day fundraising activities (eg. making and selling cakes) came fourth. And a weekend car wash was least supported, with 11 people ticking either ‘strongly support’ or ‘support’ for this. Thank you for letting us know what you would get behind. We plan to do a chocolate drive and a McDonalds Family Night. We are also waiting for a Bunnings BBQ date. We are raising money to:

  • help our coach and competition students travel interstate
  • new equipment for the Club
  • help pay the costs of some senior students to become accredited TKD instructors (to assist Mr Donaldson in classes)
  • help families/students who cannot afford to grade

If you have feedback or ideas, please chat to Kevin or email us:


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