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September Taekwondo News

Students of the Month – August

student of the month


Congratulations to Max for your hard work and improvement with your patterns!

Congratulations to William for performing so well in your Competitions!


Congratulations and thanks to both Leanne and Andy for their continued assistance and support at training!

These two Seniors have been stepping up and doing a brilliant job of assisting and running training activities, mentoring students and supporting Mr Donaldson!

TKD Date Claimers

Chocolate DriveMonday 15th September – Saturday 25th October

Little Dragons GradingSaturday 20th September 11:30am

Patterns CompetitionSaturday 20th September 12:30pm

Active BreaksMonday 29th September 3:30 – 4:30pm

McDonalds Night (Booval) – Monday 29th September 5 – 6pm

Little Dragons Grading – Saturday 20th September

Start time: 11:30 am

Mr Donaldson needs to know by Wednesday 10th September if your child is participating in the Little Dragons Grading.  The $35 Grading Fee will need to be received by the club by Monday 15th September.

If your child is between 4 – 7 years of age, all they need is a clean, ironed uniform and the enthusiasm to do their best.

At the end of the grading they will receive a Little Dragons grading belt and a medal.

The Little Dragons grading is a great way to build their confidence and celebrate all their hard work.  It’s well worth it!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Please bring a plate to share.

Little DragonGreat leadership opportunity: Mr Donaldson would also love to hear from any students – yellow belts and above – who would like to assist in this Little Dragons grading.

Patterns Competition – Saturday 20th September

medals for winners!

Please be at the Dojang by 12:30pm

Looking forward to seeing who our medal winners will be!


Grading with Master Tan


Unfortunately there were not enough numbers for us to be able to proceed with the September grading.

The good news? We are planning a November grading!

So… if you want to grade and don’t want to be disappointed, here’s your checklist:

  • Yellow and Blue belts must be training at least 2 times per week
  • Red belts must be training at least 3 times per week
  • Check in with Mr Donaldson to find out what your strengths are and what things you need to focus more on.

Remember Mr Donaldson can only put students who are ready in front of Master Tan for Grading, so now is the time to get cracking!

Chocolate Drive

Cadbury chocolates!

Thank you to everyone who has already said they will take a box or more for our upcoming Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser.

We anticipate receiving the boxes for distribution at classes during the week commencing Monday 15th  September.

We can only sign boxes out to parents and students aged 18 + and there will be a parent coordinator to do this for each class.

Each box will also come with a poster about our Club to help you sell them. You will have 4 weeks to sell your chocolates.

We ask for you to return your money (and any unsold chocolates) during the week commencing Monday 20th October, with the final date being Saturday 25 October.

If you sell your box sooner and would like another one, or if Natasha hasn’t seen you already and you would like to sell a box, please contact us by email:

For every FULLY sold box, we will put your name in the draw for 2 great prizes:

  • A $50 Coles-Myer voucher (donated by the Gibson family)
  • A fun sports ball pack (donated by the Moore family)

We are only ordering 51 boxes, so that gives you a pretty good chance of winning one of these 2 great prizes!

A very BIG thanks to Natasha for all of her work on setting up the chocolate drive & our parent volunteers (Kristy, Bridget, Rebekah, Kerryn, Cameron, Nancy & Natasha) who will coordinate the handing out of boxes & return of money!

Congratulations to all students who competed on Sunday!

Brisbane TKD championships

  • Ryder – gold for sparring & gold for jumping high kick
  • Linsey – gold and bronze for sparring
  • Liz – gold and silver for sparring
  • William – silver for sparring & bronze for jumping high kick
  • Ryan – gold for sparring
  • Sam – gold for sparring

Unfortunately Taz & Ash were unable to compete as they were unwell.

A big Thank-You as always to Mr Donaldson for spending your Sunday supporting our students.

Student Assessment Sheets

TKD moves

Mr Donaldson is currently working on a design for Student Assessment Sheets.

These will give Mr Donaldson the opportunity to provide guidance and recommendations to both parents and students in regards to their individual progress and to assist each student in moving to their next belt level.

The assessment sheets will provide a unique written overview,  pinpointing specific areas of strength and focus to provide clarity and support while fostering student confidence and mastery.

McDonalds Family Fun Night – Booval Store – Monday 29th September

5:00 – 6:00pm


Want to take the night off from cooking dinner?  Come and spend an hour together as a Club at McDonalds, Booval.

McDonalds will donate a percentage of ALL in-store sales for this hour to our TKD Club!

If we have 20 families or more it would be a great success and such an easy fundraiser!

Friends and extended family are more than welcome! Remember, we get a % of ALL in-store sales for that hour.

Mr Donaldson will be there too! He has donated a TKD uniform for us to do a quick raffle on the night for $2 a ticket!

We need to let McDonalds know how many people are coming so they can plan for our visit. Letting us know if you can make it is really important.

So don’t forget to RSVP to Kevin, Natasha or Nancy, or on Facebook or by email:

Thank you!

Why we are fundraising – to:

  • buy new equipment for the Club
  • help to pay some of the costs of up to four senior students to become accredited TKD instructors (to assist Mr Donaldson in classes & give students more targeted instruction)
  • assist (in part) families/students who do not grade because of the costs
  • assist (in part) our coach and competition students travel interstate

Survey Results

survey results!

We had 25 people respond to our recent survey about Taekwondo Ipswich.

Thank you for your time and feedback! Read the results here!


TKD School Holiday timetable – September/October

Both weeks:

Wednesday:   5pm (all welcome) and 6pm (family) and 7:15pm (free TKD Homework class for senior students & junior students who are a high blue belt or above)

Thursday:   4:30 – 5:30pm (all welcome) and  6:15 – 7:45pm (sparring, by invitation)

Saturday: 9:30 – 10:30am (family / all welcome) and 10:30 – 11:30am (sparring, by invitation)

holiday TKDCasual Fees: $11 per class

Passes available – 2 passes for $16, 4 passes for $32 etc..

These passes must be used within the holiday period.


Taekwondo Ipswich on YouTube

We are on YouTube!

Check out Mr Donaldson and his latest video –  When to bow in the Dojang & Charyut and Chumbi Stances

If you have any techniques or patterns you would like Mr Donaldson to demonstrate on video, please let him know.


did you knowYou can get our newsletter delivered to your inbox!

If you haven’t joined the other 43 parents and students who do, go to and enter your email at the bottom of the page.

We’ve had 1597 views of our blog site since it started!

Taekwondo Ipswich blog











Active BreaksActive Breaks

This is a free Ipswich Cool Sports Program.

Monday 29th September ONLY

3:30-4:30pm at PCYC Ipswich TKD training room

Tell your friends. Great chance to try TKD at no cost

Club members also welcome to come along.

Is that a fact? You should not wash your belt!

black belt

Your belt represents all the hard work you have accomplished in Taekwondo, and washing it is symbolically like washing out your training. Others say that washing the belt washes out the knowledge (ancient Korean philosophy).

Taekwondo: A Practical Guide to the World’s Most Popular Martial Art
by Bill & Katie Pottle

Do you know your Korean terminology?

1 hanah
2 dool
3 set
4 net
5 dasot
6 yasot
7 ilgop
8 yadol
9 ahop
10 yool
Left wen
Right o-reun
Attention cha-ryeot
Ready jun-bi
Start shi-jak

Thank you Angela for putting together our newsletters!


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