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New year TKD news

Taekwondo Ipswich

Welcome to 2015 and another great year of Taekwondo! We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new students and their families along with all returning students, some from several years ago! We look forward to sharing a great year with you!

Over the last few years our Club has made some great progress. This year is set to be no exception! Throughout 2015 we will be focussing on a number of areas.

These include Club communication and promotion and fundraising for new equipment.

Our major focus is, as always, on our students learning and development through the comprehensive TKD program. This is fostered by our great Instructors and the supportive club environment.

A Word From Mr Donaldson

Black belt instructor Kevin Donaldson

My goals for students this year are:

  • To focus on your presentation and consistently bring a great attitude to training
  • To work on achieving technical excellence with your patterns
  • To encourage any student who would like to enter a competition to have a go! Our instructors will support you to prepare, be it for sparring or poomsae.

(Tans’ own competition is coming up on 16 – 17 May 2015 – the 6th Gold Coast Open)

My goal for our Club is… for us to support each other to do our best.

There are many opportunities – for assistant instructors, students, volunteers, parents, friends and me. Whether you step foot on the mat or not, or get involved in Club activities or not, showing respect and encouraging each other is something we can all do. We all have something great to contribute. This is what makes our club a Club.

My personal goal, is to prepare for my 3rd Dan Taekwondo Black Belt grading in July. I look forward to joining Grandmaster Michael Tan who will complete his 8th Dan Taekwondo Black Belt grading, at Kukkiwon in Seoul, South Korea.

What is your goal for Taekwondo this year? Let me know!

2015 Grading Dates – To be confirmed

We are currently waiting on confirmation of grading dates from Grandmaster Michael Tan.

The below is a guide only to help you focus your training.

Once dates have been finalised we will let everyone know.

Little Dragons Gradings: Late May and September

We are planning on two Little Dragons gradings this year.

These gradings are aimed at junior students 4-7 years who are not yet ready to grade for their yellow belt with Grandmaster Tan. The Little Dragons grading is a great way to build confidence and celebrate all their hard work.

Grading with Grandmaster Micheal Tan: Late May and November

Find out more about grading at Tans Taekwondo Ipswich.

TKD Ipswich Competition: September

This is a local competition with events for Patterns, Weapons and Board Breaking.

Tans Membership Special


Don’t forget the February special for your Tans membership. If full payment is made by the 28th February you can make the most of the discounted price. A form can be picked up at the Dojang or email us for an e-copy: .

February Deal for New Students

Special for new students

We have a great deal for NEW students starting in February 2015.

When you pay upfront for 20 passes (for use in Term 1 2015) you will receive a TKD uniform for FREE (value $45)

20 passes cost $136 (just $6.80 a class!)

An annual PCYC membership is also required.

Just mention this deal to Mr Donaldson if you would like to take up this offer

We will offer this same great deal again for Term 2, so spread the word! 

Big Thanks to McDonalds, Kevin, Natasha, Scott and Nancy for promoting our Club at their Booval store on Saturday 7th Feb.

Natasha and Kevin Scott Nancy and Kevin

If you know of other ways to promote our club, such as through a school newsletter, please let us know:

Student Recognition & Grading Readiness

To assist in ‘Student of the Month’ decisions and to help students prepare for gradings, Instructors will be watching and assessing students in classes to enable them to keep track of individual progress and achievements.

At the beginning of each class, all students must sign up on the assessment sheet. This will enable Instructors to make notes about each student’s progress during their lesson. The sign in sheet is at the front table of your TKD training room/dojang.

Focus areas being assessed are:

  • Kicks – including Flying Side Kick & Jumping High Kick
  • Punches/Blocks
  • Stances
  • Patterns
  • Sparring
  • Balance
  • Fitness
  • Confidence
  • Theory
  • Behaviour
  • Teamwork
  • Uniform/Presentation
  • Leadership for Blue/Red/Black Belts

We will also have a new “On The Spot” initiative. This is to acknowledge students improvement in any of the above areas spontaneously and encourage their great work. The “On The Spot” awards include TKD stickers and McDonald’s vouchers (eg Happy Meal). If any parents would prefer not to receive vouchers as rewards, please let us know by email or let Kevin or your Assistant Instructor know.

McDonaldsThank you to McDonalds for supporting our Club


Last year we raised money through a variety of activities, including a chocolate drive, Woolies BBQ, Grading raffles, Subway lunches and cupcake stalls. This was a great achievement and allowed the club to purchase traditional weapons training equipment, a jumping high kick stand, re-breakable boards, ladder for drills (students will use this in classes soon), reward stickers and also supported our National competition students and coach with their competition costs and t-shirts.

A big thanks to everyone who played a part in these fundraising ventures! We couldn’t have done the above without you!

This year our Fundraising Focus is:

  • To replace protective gear used by all students for sparring (the current gear is getting quite worn and tired!)
  • To buy materials to replace the existing set of training staffs (pool noodles, tape and rods) and hold a working bee to put these together
  • Investigate the options and costs of putting martial arts mats in the downstairs training room, and purchasing a tablet loaded with videos of TKD patterns and other techniques for use in small group training sessions.

Our proposed fundraising activities for this year are:

  • Chocolate Drive
  • Bunnings BBQs
  • McDonalds Family Fun Night
  • Gradings – raffle and cup cake stall

Stay tuned for further details…

Join others helping our Club!

If you are keen to be involved in making our club stronger, please let Kevin know or email us at There are many opportunities including communication, fundraising, support roles. One off helpers are also welcome!

Need some help remembering your patterns when you are practicing at home?


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