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April Taekwondo News

Taekwondo Ipswich A Word From Mr Donaldson

It has been fantastic to see so many students wearing their uniform to class in term 1. Your presentation is an important part of Taekwondo etiquette. Keep up the great work! I am sad to say that due to some unforeseen large expenses, I am no longer planning to travel to South Korea this year for my third Dan grading. It was an honour to be invited to go and have Grandmaster Tan’s support for the trip. As such, I have had to re-think my goals for this year. My new focus is to do my next Dan grading.

Please take note of the following:

  • Little Echidnas – our class especially for 2-3 year olds is starting in term 2. Find out more below and please let friends know about this great new class.
  • Our fantastic deal for NEW students is on again – they will receive a FREE uniform when they sign on for 20 passes (valid for 16 weeks). Please let anyone know who is interested in trying TKD (more details below).
  • There are no holiday classes between 6–17 April. Term 2 starts back on Monday 20 April.
  • If you plan to grade with Grandmaster Tan this year, you must join Tans. I have not received enough membership forms to hold a grading in May. Please get these in by Saturday, 2nd May (this will be the cut off date for receiving a Tans shirt with your membership as I will put in the shirts order at this time). How to join Tans.
  • Make sure you are attending the right class for your level eg. younger beginner students at beginner classes. In particular, yellow belts with a black stripe and above, are requested to not attend the 4:30pm Friday class. They are requested to come to the 5:30pm class on this day, so that our instructors can better meet their training needs.
  • When you arrive in class, ensure you bring your TKD pass/ticket to the front desk and write your name on the sheet.
  • Sparring students:
    • from term 2 onwards, blue belts and above must be training a minimum of 3 times a week to enter competitions.
    • Thursday night sparring class at the Pulse Hall – students are requested to arrive at 6pm to help assemble the floor mats so that the class can start on time.
  • Please practice your techniques at home – even ten minutes a day makes a difference to your progress, confidence and enjoyment of Taekwondo.

Home practice suggestions

Technique Focus on Resources
Basic pattern •   Strong ‘ki-haps’ and strong lower blocks •   Shoulders and stomach face the direction you are moving in (don’t be side on)
•   Punch to the stomach (belly button height)
•   Both feet face forward in long stance (don’t make an ‘L’ with your feet)
•   Turn your head to the direction you are moving before your body
Mr Donaldson shows you the basic pattern (with instructions) Grandmaster Michael Tan demonstrates all of the TKD patterns
Terminology Knowing the Korean word for each technique you do Basic Taekwondo terminology

High performing students for March

Our new in-class assessment of student performance is giving us more detailed information on how students are going. Congratulations to the following students for their excellent work in March!

  • Belle U – learning her pattern, kicks, blocks, punches, overall improvement in her effort, training well and showing great improvement
  • Madison A – learning her pattern, kicks, blocks, punches, overall improvement in her effort, training well and achieving results
  • Ebony B – consistently shows up to classes, eagerness and enthusiasm to learn, asks questions to get a good understanding
  • Liam G – consistently attending training, improving his technique, excellent presentation
  • Luke G – training at a very high level, helping others and the Club

2015 Grading Dates – Update

At the beginning of the year, we were looking at having our first grading in May, however there are not enough students who have become Tans members to suggest that enough of you have a May grading as a goal. We will now look at July. You need to join Tans in order to grade with Grandmaster Michael Tan.

Little Dragons Gradings: Late May and September (pending student numbers) These gradings are aimed at junior students 4-7 years who are not yet ready to grade for their yellow belt with Grandmaster Tan. The Little Dragons grading is a great way to build confidence and celebrate all their hard work. A Tans membership is not required for a Little Dragons grading.

Deal for NEW Students – please spread the word! Join us at Taekwondo Ipswich

We have a great deal for NEW students who start Taekwondo. When you pay upfront for 20 passes (valid for 16 weeks) you will receive a TKD uniform for FREE (value $45) 20 passes cost $136 (just $6.80 a class!) An annual PCYC membership is also required. Just mention this deal to Mr Donaldson if you would like to take up this great offer*.
* This offer does not apply to Little Echidnas

NEW CLASS! Little Echidnas

Do you have a 2 or 3 year old or a young child with special needs who would like to try Taekwondo?

Do they like to run, jump and kick? Do they like to have fun trying out new activities, games and equipment?

The Little Echidnas class will help your child start learning Taekwondo and prepare them for beginner classes. They will do TKD punches, kicks and learn basic Korean terms. Learning through play, there will be obstacle courses set up for your child to hop, crawl, run, bounce and roll through. A parent (or other carer) joins their student on the mat.

The Little Echidnas class will be held on Tuesdays 10:30 – 11:15am in the PCYC Ipswich TKD training room. Try a lesson (obligation free); then you can either continue casually ($11/class) or pay for a 10 Visit Pass for $80 ($8/class) – your ten passes need to be used within 16 weeks. Your Little Echidna can start at any time during a term! Students wear a t-shirt and shorts (or long pants) and bring a water bottle. To book a place in this class, contact the PCYC Ipswich office (3281 2547). Student numbers are limited.

Competitions update

It was an awesome day for the sparring team at this weekend’s STQ Championships at the Sleeman Sports Centre! Firstly a huge thank you to Grand Master Tan, Mr. Donaldson, Leanne, Liz and Jo from Currumbin Tans! Everyone qualified for the Nationals. Results:

  • Ryder – gold
  • Will – gold
  • Taz – gold
  • Liz – silver
  • Ashley – silver 
(her first head fight and showed great courage)

National qualifiers: Ashley, Will, Taz, Ryder and Liz!

Thank you to all who came to support a great Ipswich Tans team!
 “Never be satisfied”.

There are more competitions coming up over the next few months and students are reminded that they are to attend three classes/week leading up to them.

They are:

To find out more information on these competitions or to register, follow the links and discuss your readiness with Mr Donaldson. Read more about learning to spar.


Code of Behaviour – coming soon

We are working with the Activities Coordinator at PCYC Ipswich to develop a Code of Behaviour for Taekwondo. This code outlines the expectations of everyone involved in the Club, including instructors, students, volunteers and parents. Having a code like this will bring us in line with the other activities/clubs offered by the PCYC Ipswich. While Tans and Sports Taekwondo Australia (STA) have ‘rules and regulations’, not everyone joins these organisations. Everyone will be asked to sign the Code once it is adopted.

Fundraising update

Last month we let you know our Fundraising focus is:

  • A tablet loaded with videos of TKD patterns and other techniques for use in small group training sessions
  • Investigate the options and costs of putting martial arts mats in the downstairs training room
  • To buy materials to replace the existing set of training staffs (pool noodles, tape and rods)
  • To buy equipment, including replacing protective gear for sparring (the current gear is getting quite worn and tired!)

How are we going?

Tablet update We are pleased to say that we did not end up having to use fundraising money to buy a tablet for playing TKD patterns. The PCYC Ipswich has a spare one and will let our Club use it! Thank you PCYC Ipswich!

Martial arts mats update We asked the Activities Coordinator at the PCYC Ipswich about the feasibility of putting martial arts or gym mats into the downstairs training room. Unfortunately, the downstairs room floods during heavy rain, so any semi-permanent mats would be ruined if they were laid before this other problem is fixed. Sorting out the drainage/flooding is now higher on the PCYC Ipswich’s list of future improvements. It may not happen this year, but we will keep raising it so that we can get maximum value out of this space and students can train with greater comfort and support.

Equipment We have recently purchased ten katanas (swords) from fundraising money and they are being used in classes!

Replacing protective gear for sparring: We have not made any progress on this as no fundraising activities have been done this year.

If you are interested in fundraising to replace old and worn equipment, please talk to Kevin or email us: All students use sparring equipment in classes at different times in the year.

Our proposed fundraising activities for this year are:

  • Mid year Chocolate Drive (co-organiser required – this was a very successful fundraiser in 2014)
  • Bunnings BBQs (helpers required)
  • McDonalds Family Fun Night (organiser required)
  • Gradings – raffle and cup cake stall (to be organised once a grading date is announced)

Volunteers welcome!

If you are keen to be involved in making our club stronger, please let Kevin know or email us at There are many opportunities including communication, fundraising and other support roles. One-off helpers are also welcome!

Have you got thoughts about Taekwondo in Australia?

As a valued member of the Australian Taekwondo community, Sports Taekwondo Australia would like to invite you to provide feedback on the future strategic direction of Taekwondo in Australia.

The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, and must be submitted by 5pm Monday 13th April, 2015.


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