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July Taekwondo News

Taekwondo Ipswich

A Word From Mr Donaldson

Welcome to our many new students and their families! It is great to have you at our Club. There are two things I ask you to focus on as you begin your Taekwondo journey: first is to look for the little steps of progress you or your student makes – if you don’t get it today, you’ll get it tomorrow. Second, is the hidden ingredient (which is illusive for many) is to believe you can do it.

Grandmaster Tan has successfully completed his 8th Dan grading in South Korea. This is an outstanding accomplishment in the martial arts world. Congratulations on your dedication to Taekwondo and your latest major achievement. You are an inspiration and motivation for many, especially me.

Grandmaster Tan 8 Dan

Grandmaster Michael Tan (far right) with Kukkiwon President Man-Soon Jeong (middle) after his 8th Dan interview on 6th July in Seoul Korea. The other 8th Dan candidate was James Lee from Israel (left).

It is going to be a great second half of 2015 at Taekwondo Ipswich:

  • Our team of assistant instructors – Leanne, Scott, Andy, Luke and Liz – is brilliant and capable – you will learn something different from each of them.
  • Many students are actively training for their next belt, with a grading proposed with Grandmaster Tan on 22 November. 
  • For our beginner students, aged 4 – 7 years, who are not yet ready to grade with Grandmaster Tan, we have a Little Dragons grading coming up at the end of the year (21 November).
  • Our Club is running a Cadbury chocolate drive in August. Funds raised will help us replace our sparring gear – chest guards, protective headgear, and arm and leg guards. All students use this gear and if you’ve ever helped your student put on a chest guard at class, you will know already how much we need to update this equipment. Thank you in advance for helping by taking a box or more to sell! And for senior students – Liz, Scott and Andy for organising the chocolate drive.

sparring gear Fun pack




Student reminders:

  • Wear your uniform to class if you have one.
  • Make sure you are attending the right class for your level eg. younger beginner students at beginner classes.
  • When you arrive in class, ensure you bring your TKD pass/ticket to the front desk.
  • Parents are asked not to call out from the side while a class (or competition) is on.
  • Students who cannot attend classes should let Mr Donaldson know as a sign of courtesy – text message is fine.
  • Please practice your techniques at home – even ten minutes a day makes a difference to your progress, confidence and enjoyment of Taekwondo.

High performing students – Congratulations!


  • Junior Student of the Month – May – Patrick S for his sensational listening and focus in class and doing very well in class.
  • Senior Student of the Month – May – Tero L for giving his everything at training. There isn’t an ounce of effort left out of Tero’s training sessions.
  • Junior Student of the Month – June – Jack H for his outstanding training. Jack’s at home pattern practice is evident and he has taken the initiative to learn his next pattern with the help of the Internet.
  • Senior Student of the Month – June – Scott M for his increase in confidence and excellent leadership within the Club.

2015 Grading Dates


Next grading with Grandmaster Tan: 22 November, at the PCYC Pulse Building.

You need to join Tans in order to grade with Grandmaster Michael Tan. Find out how to join Tans.

Please let Mr Donaldson know if you think you are ready to grade. Mr Donaldson and our assistant instructors will work with you to ensure you are prepared.

The cost of this grading is $65 for yellow and blue belts and $80 for red and above. More information about this grading.

Students preparing to grade:

  • White and Yellow belts must be training at least 2 times per week (at normal / non-sparring classes)
  • Blue and Red belts must be training at least 3-4 times per week (at least two of these classes must be non-sparring)
  • Any student going for their black belt, must be training 4 times per week.

If you can help out on grading day, please let Mr Donaldson know or email us:

Volunteers welcome

We will need help with running the canteen.

Little Dragons Grading: 21 November, 2015.

Little Dragon

These gradings are aimed at junior students 4-7 years who are not yet ready to grade for their yellow belt with Grandmaster Tan. The Little Dragons grading is a great way to build confidence and celebrate all their hard work. A Tans membership is not required for a Little Dragons grading.

Deal for NEW Students – Please spread the word!

We have a great deal for NEW students who start Taekwondo.

This deal will not continue indefinitely! So… tell your friends!

When you pay upfront for 20 passes (valid for 16 weeks) you will receive a TKD uniform for FREE (value $45)

20 passes cost $136 (just $6.80 a class!)

An annual PCYC membership is also required.

Just mention this deal to Mr Donaldson if you would like to take up this great offer.

PLACES available in our Little Echidnas class

TKD children

Do you have a 3 or 4 year old or a young child with special needs who would like to try Taekwondo? Do they like to run, jump and kick? Do they like to have fun trying out new activities, games and equipment?

Our Little Echidnas class will help your child start learning Taekwondo and prepare them for beginner classes. They will do TKD punches, kicks and learn basic Korean terms. Learning through play, there will be obstacle courses set up for your child to hop, crawl, run, bounce and roll through. Parents (or other carers) join their student on the mat.

The Little Echidna class is held on Tuesdays 10:15 – 11am in the TKD training room. Try a lesson (obligation free); then a term booking of $80 is required ($8/class) to continue. Student numbers are limited. Students wear a t-shirt and shorts (or long pants) and bring a water bottle.

To book a spot in this class, contact the PCYC Ipswich office (3281 2547).


Caboolture Open 2015

The 10th Caboolture Open was held in June. Thank you to everyone who supported our students leading up to and on the day! Here are their great results:

  • Alex – silver
  • Andy – cancelled due to his fighter breaking his foot in another fight
  • Ashley – gold x3
  • Faith – silver
  • Liz – gold and silver
  • Ryder – gold
  • Scott – gold
  • Taz – gold x2
  • Tero – silver
  • Will – silver.

It was fantastic to see Tans students from the Toogoolawah Club also compete!

  • Danae – gold
  • Erica – bronze
  • Keira – No result, medal for participation
  • Levi – silver.

Reminders for sparring students:

  • Blue belts and above must be training a minimum of three times a week and yellow belts at least two times a week, to enter competitions. Do not come to class if you are unwell.
  • Thursday night sparring class – students are requested to arrive at 6pm to help assemble the floor mats so that the class can start on time. Bring your headphones and music to sparring classes – to help you stay focused when you are not on the mat.
  • Always check with Mr Donaldson regarding your readiness before registering for a competition.
  • Upcoming competition: Yun Hap Tournament – 10th August at PCYC Capalaba.
  • The 2015 Australian Taekwondo National Championships will be held in Adelaide on 2-4 October 2015.

Code of Behaviour

Our Club now has a Code of Behaviour. This PCYC Ipswich Taekwondo Code outlines the expectations of everyone involved in the Club, including instructors, students, volunteers and parents. Having a code like this brings us in line with the other activities/clubs offered by the PCYC Ipswich. While Tans and Sports Taekwondo Australia (STA) have ‘rules and regulations’, not everyone joins these organisations. Read the new Code of Behaviour.

Family Taekwondo

Many of our senior students first took up Taekwondo after seeing their students having fun in our dojang! Taekwondo family classes are a great way to do a sport with your child. Family classes are on:

  • Wednesdays, 6pm
  • Fridays, 5:30pm
  • Saturdays, 9:30am.

Come and have a go! It is heaps of fun.

Family TKD

“I started TKD with my son earlier this year and he loves me being on the mat with him. While I like going to TKD to do something together, I have also found it great to stretch out my neck and shoulder muscles each week. I spend a lot of time on a computer during the week, and find the warm up and stretching fantastic. I never knew that push-ups could feel so good! When I don’t go, I really notice it in my body.” Nancy

Tans T-shirts have arrived!

If you have joined Tans this year, ask Mr Donaldson for your Tans T-shirt!

Check with Mr Donaldson if you are interested in buying a Tans t-shirt separately from a Tans membership – he can tell you available sizes and price.

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