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November Taekwondo News

Taekwondo Ipswich

Our team of instructors

We would like to congratulate Leanne for achieving her Cho Dan Bo at the October grading held at Tans, Coorparoo!

Welcome also to Stephen and Dustin from Tans Coorparoo – these instructors will be running classes at different times during the week.  They join Mr Donaldson, Leanne, Scott and Andy.

Stephen and Dustin join our team

Grading Dates


It’s ON! Grading with Grandmaster Tan this Sunday, 22 November 2015! Earlier start than usual. Arrive at the PCYC Pulse Building by 8am.

Please let Mr Donaldson know if you think you are ready to grade (if you haven’t already).

The cost of this grading is $65 for yellow and blue belts and $80 for red and above.

Please pay by Saturday 21 November. More information about this grading & how to pay.

Students preparing to grade:

  • White and Yellow belts must be training at least 2 times per week (at normal / non-sparring classes)
  • Blue and Red belts must be training at least 3-4 times per week (at least two of these classes must be non-sparring)
  • Any student going for their black belt, must be training 4 times per week.

You can find videos of all patterns on our Taekwondo Ipswich Facebook site under the ‘videos’ tab.

Grandmaster Tan Basic Pattern

Volunteers welcomeIf you can help out on grading day, please let Mr Donaldson know or email us:

We need help with running the canteen and/or making baked goods for us to sell. If anyone can arrive at 7am, we’d welcome your help to set up. Thank you!

Little Dragons Grading: this Saturday, 21 November 2015.

Little Dragon

These gradings are aimed at junior students 4-7 years who are not yet ready to grade for their yellow belt with Grandmaster Tan. The Little Dragons grading is a great way to build confidence and celebrate all their hard work. A Tans membership is not required for a Little Dragons grading.

subway1A big thanks to the Ipswich Subway store, who will once again provide Subs for everyone at both gradings. Please bring a gold coin to contribute if you have a Sub. All money raised supports our Club.


no classesThere will be no Saturday classes on 21 November due to the Little Dragons grading. Please attend another class during the week (no booking required).


Holiday timetable

Holiday timetableWe will be running a holiday timetable once term 4 finishes. You can use your passes or pay casually. New students are always welcome!


Fundraising update

A big thank you to everyone who sold chocolates during August / Sept. With your help, we have raised $1440 for our Club to buy new sparring gear. Thanks to Liz and our instructors for helping run this fundraiser.

sparring gear


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