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November Taekwondo News

Taekwondo Ipswich

Our team of instructors

We would like to congratulate Leanne for achieving her Cho Dan Bo at the October grading held at Tans, Coorparoo!

Welcome also to Stephen and Dustin from Tans Coorparoo – these instructors will be running classes at different times during the week.  They join Mr Donaldson, Leanne, Scott and Andy.

Stephen and Dustin join our team
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July Taekwondo News

Taekwondo Ipswich

A Word From Mr Donaldson

Welcome to our many new students and their families! It is great to have you at our Club. There are two things I ask you to focus on as you begin your Taekwondo journey: first is to look for the little steps of progress you or your student makes – if you don’t get it today, you’ll get it tomorrow. Second, is the hidden ingredient (which is illusive for many) is to believe you can do it.

Grandmaster Tan has successfully completed his 8th Dan grading in South Korea. This is an outstanding accomplishment in the martial arts world. Congratulations on your dedication to Taekwondo and your latest major achievement. You are an inspiration and motivation for many, especially me.

Grandmaster Tan 8 Dan

Grandmaster Michael Tan (far right) with Kukkiwon President Man-Soon Jeong (middle) after his 8th Dan interview on 6th July in Seoul Korea. The other 8th Dan candidate was James Lee from Israel (left).

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April Taekwondo News

Taekwondo Ipswich A Word From Mr Donaldson

It has been fantastic to see so many students wearing their uniform to class in term 1. Your presentation is an important part of Taekwondo etiquette. Keep up the great work! I am sad to say that due to some unforeseen large expenses, I am no longer planning to travel to South Korea this year for my third Dan grading. It was an honour to be invited to go and have Grandmaster Tan’s support for the trip. As such, I have had to re-think my goals for this year. My new focus is to do my next Dan grading.

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New year TKD news

Taekwondo Ipswich

Welcome to 2015 and another great year of Taekwondo! We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new students and their families along with all returning students, some from several years ago! We look forward to sharing a great year with you!

Over the last few years our Club has made some great progress. This year is set to be no exception! Throughout 2015 we will be focussing on a number of areas.

These include Club communication and promotion and fundraising for new equipment.

Our major focus is, as always, on our students learning and development through the comprehensive TKD program. This is fostered by our great Instructors and the supportive club environment.

A Word From Mr Donaldson

Black belt instructor Kevin Donaldson

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End of year Taekwondo News

Taekwondo Ipswich
Student of the Month – November


Congratulations to Ashley for sticking with it and getting back into training after her injury.

She’s worked really hard, well done!

November Grading with Grand Master Tan

Grading Day was held on Sunday 23rd November and was a fantastic success!

Our End of Year Trophy winners were announced on the day.  Congratulations to you all and well done for working so hard throughout the year!

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Taekwondo Ipswich fights at Players Tournament

Four PCYC Ipswich Taekwondo students competed on 25 October at the 2014 Commonwealth Players Tournament (held at PCYC Carindale). All proceeds from this tournament went to the Queensland entrants heading to the 6th Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships in Scotland! In fact, not too far from Ipswich there are three Somerset brothers, Stephen, John and Michael Kakakios training to go to Scotland for this competition!

Taekwondo Ipswich Competitors

Taekwondo Ipswich Competitors

2014 Commonwealth Players Tournament Results:

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October Taekwondo News

New Class! Little Echidnas, 3:30pm, Fridays

Starts this Friday, 31 October! Book in to secure your child’s place.

Do you have a 3 year old or a young child with special needs who would like to try Taekwondo? Do they like to run, jump and kick? Do they like to have fun trying out new activities, games and equipment? Taekwondo Ipswich has just started a special Taekwondo inspired program for them! Mr Donaldson will be joined by Assistant Instructor, Felicity, who will take this class alongside our beginner students on a Friday at 3:30pm (1 hour class).

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September Taekwondo News

Students of the Month – August

student of the month


Congratulations to Max for your hard work and improvement with your patterns!

Congratulations to William for performing so well in your Competitions!


Congratulations and thanks to both Leanne and Andy for their continued assistance and support at training!

These two Seniors have been stepping up and doing a brilliant job of assisting and running training activities, mentoring students and supporting Mr Donaldson!

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What you said about Taekwondo Ipswich

In August, we asked you four questions about Taekwondo Ipswich. Twenty-five parents/students responded:

1. When asked what is the one thing you (or your student) love most about coming to Taekwondo, many of you couldn’t stop at just one thing!

what i love TKD

A number of parents/carers also said how much they liked to watch their children with comments like:

  • I love to watch my child interact with the other students and see her improve and get more confident
  • Watching my grandson enjoying himself
  • Watching them all grow and challenge themselves

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End of June Taekwondo News

Students of the Month

Junior – congratulations to Archie M for all your hard work and great improvement!

Senior – congratulations to Scott M for your dedication to training and being a great Team Leader!

A special mention this month goes to Jossie A for her improvement and “Giving it a Go!”  Keep up the great work!

Congratulations to our fantastic Taekwondo Instructor, Mr Kevin Donaldson for 10 years of service at the PCYC Ipswich. Kevin has also been invited to do his 3rd Dan Black Belt grading in 2015 in South Korea at Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters)!

GOLD for our competitors at the Taekwondo Queensland Championships!

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June Taekwondo News

Student of the Month (May)


Abigail has shown great commitment through her regular attendance at training. Her focus and attention to detail during her training sessions is to be commended.

Congratulations Abigail and keep up the brilliant work!

Competition students

Well done to all Taekwondo Ipswich competitors who performed so well at the Gold Coast Open last month and at the Sports Taekwondo Queensland Open Taekwondo Championships in March. Read More

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Gold Coast Open attracts new Ipswich competitors

Congratulations to Ipswich Tans Taekwondo students who competed at the Gold Coast Open

Earlier in May, eleven PCYC Ipswich Tans Taekwondo students competed at the 5th Gold Coast Open. For Jess, Samuel and Ryder, this was their first Taekwondo competition. They had plenty of competition experience to draw from the rest of the team, with several students having competed at both a State and National level. Their coach, Mr Kevin Donaldson, said “the team morale has been excellent; they really helped each other out during training and at the competition. This was a tough tournament because most of the sparring students had to complete two fights in order to win a medal”.

The Gold Coast Open, held at the Carrara Indoor Stadium, is the largest non State competition in Australia, and is organised and run by Master Michael Tan and his Tans Taekwondo team.

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Ipswich Tans Taekwondo students do it again!

Six of Tans Taekwondo Ipswich students competed at last month’s Sports Taekwondo Queensland (STQ) 2014 Queensland Open Taekwondo Championships. The Championships were held on 30 March at the Logan Metro Indoor Sports Centre. The competition was a stepping stone to state selections to then be able to compete at the Sports Taekwondo Australia (STA) National Championships in Adelaide in October.

Tamzin, Ashley, Ryan and Abigail each won a gold medal for sparring, and William picked up two gold medals for sparring. First, William had two fights in his division and won them both. He then had a match fight with a blue belt in a higher weight division and won that one as well!

Lindsey and Abigail also achieved bronze medals for their individual poomsae.

Head coach, Kevin Donaldson said “all of the students trained together well and looked after each other as a team”. Parents thanked Mr Donaldson for his time and hard work. Scott and Ashley also volunteered as helpers on the day.

Mr Kevin Donaldson and Master Michael Tan with high performing Tans Taekwondo Ipswich students - (front) Ashley, William, Abigail, (back) Lindsey, Tamzin and Ryan.

Mr Kevin Donaldson and Master Michael Tan with high performing Tans Taekwondo Ipswich students – (front) Ashley, William, Abigail, (back) Lindsey, Tamzin and Ryan.

The five students who won gold medals (Tamzin, Ashley, Ryan, William and Abigail) have all secured a place to compete in Adelaide later this year. After their amazing results in 2013 at the STA National Championships in Melbourne, the Tans Taekwondo Ipswich students have kicked off 2014 in a similar vein.

Fundraising efforts by our club this year, will support our coach and students to attend the STA National Championships in Adelaide (5-7 December), as well as help to buy new TKD equipment for all students. If you have ideas for fundraising (which you can help to make happen), please talk to Kevin Donaldson, or email us: – we are currently looking for prize donations to run a raffle at the next Taekwondo Ipswich grading.

If you’re interested in learning how to spar or participate in competitions, please let Mr Donaldson know.

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Grading at Tans Taekwondo Ipswich

Grading day is a fantastic opportunity to show what you have learned over the past three or more months and achieve the belt you have been working towards. grading pic The next grading with Grandmaster Michael Tan will be held on Sunday, 6 September 2015. Please let Mr Donaldson know as soon as possible if you would like to grade. Once Mr Donaldson confirms you are ready, please pay by Saturday 22 August (details below).

There are two types of gradings:

  1. terminology grading (more involved, suitable for white, yellow, blue and red belts)
  2. sparring grading (not suitable for red belts to grade; however they still participate in all aspects of the grading)

This next grading will be a sparring grading. Please let Mr Donaldson know if you would like him to complete a student assessment sheet for you. A student assessment sheet provides guidance and recommendations to students (and parents) in regards to their individual progress and to assist each student in moving to their next belt level. Mr Donaldson will show on your sheet where you need to improve as well as your specific areas of strength.

Before grading day

Please let Mr Kevin Donaldson know if you/your student thinks they are ready to grade (Mr Donaldson will confirm if he agrees they are ready). To grade:

  • White and Yellow belts must be training at least 2 times per week (non-sparring classes)
  • Blue and Red belts must be training at least 3 times per week (at least two of these classes must be non-sparring)
  • Any student going for their black belt, must be training 4 times per week

Mr Donaldson can only put students – who are ready – in front of Grandmaster Tan for grading.

You/your student must also be a member of Tans Taekwondo and have a uniform (dobok). The cost of this grading is $65 – please pay by 22 August 2015. You can pay for this grading (and a uniform if you need one) either by cash directly to Mr Donaldson or online into the Tans Taekwondo Ipswich account: BSB: 084737 Acc: 138716669. You must put your student’s name as the reference. To buy a uniform (dobok), please measure your student’s height and let Mr Donaldson know as soon as possible. There are three doboks available, starting at $45 (basic, no badges), $66 (middle of the range uniform with badges, but you need to sew them on), or $85 (top of the range, with badges already sewn on).

Train and practice! Have you looked up your Tans Student Manual to see what is required for the belt you are aiming to achieve? A grading syllabus for each belt is included in your Tans folder.

Opportunities to volunteer on the day are listed below. Please take a look and let us know if you can play a role in making grading day even better! grading pic2

On grading day

Make sure your uniform is clean and pressed and that you have had a good breakfast! Arrive by 9:30am at the PCYC Ipswich, Pulse Building (next door to the main PCYC building). Students are encouraged to practice their pattern, blocks and kicks on the mat while waiting for the grading to begin.

Students should follow Mr Donaldson’s instructions throughout the grading, just like they would during class.

Family, friends and non-grading students are very welcome to watch and support our grading students.

A word of advice from Grandmaster Michael Tan: “Nervousness is common in all gradings. Performing patterns at gradings is a good test, since you cannot consciously remember them under that kind of pressure; they have to be completely internalised. To overcome nerves, steady your breathing, and simply take the test, one item at a time. Discipline yourself not to worry about the patterns during basic techniques, or about sparring during patterns. Just do each technique to the best of your ability, one moment at a time, and the hard work you have put in during the weeks of training will shine through, even though at the time you fear that it will not.” (Page 2, Tans Student Manual, Grading Syllabus).

After the grading and awarding of belts, please stay and help us pack up, eg. the mat needs to be pulled up and packed away.

Our Club volunteers will be organising:

  • lunch (more information to come)
  • drinks for sale from the canteen
  • a cup cake stall
  • a raffle

After gradgrading booking day

Please bring your TKD grading passport to Kevin Donaldson so he can organise for it to be signed.

Can you help out? If anyone can help to make cup cakes or sell raffle tickets or drinks and cakes on the day, please let Kevin know or email us: Please contact Kevin Donaldson on 0429 609 180 if you have any questions.