Master Kevin Donaldson

2nd Dan Taekwondo
Blue Card

Black belt instructor Kevin Donaldson

Black belt instructor Kevin Donaldson

Black belt instructor Kevin Donaldson brings you WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) style Taekwondo incorporating the gentle balance of traditional Taekwondo delivered in classes for children and adults of all ages. Members can train in club and state through national representative level Olympic style Taekwondo competition. Participation opportunities in regional and state training squads are also provided for the competition enthusiasts.

Master Kevin Donaldson is joined by instructors, Scott Malone and Andy Cutting.

Mr. Scott Malone


1st Dan Taekwondo
Blue Card

Mr. Andy Cutting

Cho Dan Bo Taekwondo
Blue Card

Kevin, Scott and Andy train people of all ability levels with a program designed to suit their personal needs. Fitness, confidence and improved self esteem are gained through quality training in Korean Martial Arts self defence techniques. This full accredited traditional martial art club is recommended to anyone seeking an authentic Korean martial art experience.

Our instructors also teach Taekwondo at Toogoolawah.

Contact Kevin Donaldson on 0429 609 180.

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