Are you new to Taekwondo or working towards your yellow belt?  Maybe you have a young student who you would like to help practice at home. Even ten minutes a day can make a big difference.

  • Kevin Donaldson shows the Taekwondo basic pattern (no instructions)
  • Kevin Donaldson shows you when to bow (kunye) while you are at the dojang (taekwondo training room). He also shows you the charyut and chumbi stances.

Taekwondo is an art of self-defense. These blocking techniques are used to protect you from being attacked by an opponent. 

  • Kevin Donaldson demonstrates Taekwondo blocks – face block (Eolgul Makgi), body block (Momtong Makgi), low block (Arae Makgi), and outside block (Bakat Makgi).

We also teach traditional weapons.

  • Andy Cutting, Assistant Instructor, demonstrates the nunchaku (nunchucks)
  • Andy Cutting demonstrates the katana (sword) pattern.


We will be posting new videos soon. If there is something you are interested in seeing, please let us know – either ask Kevin directly or email us: .


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